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Ethical Therapy

At SalvaHelp, we believe in ethical therapy. By this we mean, we have an obligatory policy to provide a 'counseling contract' to each individual that chooses to attend online therapy sessions with us. A ‘counseling contract’ (or a ‘counseling agreement’) is a mutual agreement between the therapist and the patient to legally reinforce the privacy of each session. 

Our counseling contract ensures that the therapy process will be performed in a welcoming, safe, and professional manner. It also highlights the responsibility of the therapist towards the patient as well as the responsibilities of the patient towards the therapist. The counseling contract we provide is also a transparent basis to determine informed consent.

Meet the professional

Dr. Nigar Arif

Dr. Nigar Arif is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist that completed her formal education at the medical faculty of "General Medicine" at Azerbaijan Medical University. However, despite completing her studies nearly ten years ago, she continues to develop her knowledge by completing several online courses and webinars hosted by several internationally well-renowned universities from around the globe. 

She does not only specialize in treating patients dealing with mental health issues such as chronic depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, or eating disorders, but Dr. Nigar also treats them using CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). 

Other than indulging efficiently in psychotherapy, Dr. Nigar is also responsible for being the founding partner of SalvaHelp's first official product - The SalvaJournal. Working tirelessly to select the right activities to assign to people that are unsure about therapy or are unable to afford it, to introduce them to seek out a healthier way of living. 

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