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Your self-improvement matters to us.

SalvaHelp is an organization that was founded in December 2020 with intentions to provide self-improvement solutions to people in Azerbaijan. Be it through the form of online therapy, journaling, or acquiring work experience to enter the competitive job market our country has to offer. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide resources for people regardless of their religious beliefs, gender, or social stance. SalvaHelp is a safe space formed to help the people of Azerbaijan see a better and brighter future for themselves. 

At SalvaHelp, we have worked hard to develop internship programs to allow participants to gain the right amount of work experience before entering the job market.

Online Therapy

Receiving online therapy by top-notch Azerbaijani Mental Health Specialists lets you connect with a licensed therapist from the privacy of your device.

Free Therapy Resources

Internship Programs

A huge part of self-improvement stems from educating yourself before taking the steps to implement changes in your life.

Try cognitive behavioral therapy at your own pace at home by ordering or downloading your very own SalvaJournal. With over 15 different activities, a daily tracker, and explanations of different routines such as 'sleep hygiene' that you can implement in your life.

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